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Flat Roofs

Flat Roof Repairs in Kent

You will find that a majority of properties have flat roofs, impeded by windows or other obstructions preventing you from forming a more traditional pitched roof.

Being a flat structure there will be a lot of surface water if fitted incorrectly can cause much more damage than a more conventional pitched roof with the amount of water that it collects even with a slight gradient so choosing a good contractor is extremely important for your roof.

Roofing Dynamics has that experience, using high grade materials from proven companies all with their own attributes and guarantees.

We give good sound advice on a great number of different products that are available whether it’s bitumen felt/mastic asphalt or new products such as liquid plastics and glass reinforced plastics.

All our staff and sub contractors are fully trained in these products, by doing so we can other good long lasting guarantees plus all the products that we use can be checked on the web, I think that the client should be well versed in the product that is being sold to them.