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Tiled Roofing FAQs

A series of questions and answers relating to Tiled Roofing

My lead gutter keeps leaking it has a crack in the centre which I have repaired on numerous occasions what is the best way to tackle this problem?

It sounds like the section of lead is too long and not the right thickness, it is common were thermal movement in lead causes the lead to crack this is where it has been formed incorrectly.

A new gutter should be formed from the correct code (thickness) of lead using the Lead Sheet Association regs; if the gutter is very long then expansion joints can be welded into position.

Does my roof need ventilating?

Many old properties have insulation between the ceiling joists with bitumen F1 Felt over the rafters; this can cause condensation to get trapped in the roof void this in turn will cause damp to appear on walls. To fit vents is a small and easy task providing you have good access.