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Roofing Contractors in Kent & the South East of England

Kent Roofing Contractors

Welcome to the one stop roofing service covering Kent and the South East of London.

Most of us don’t give a thought to the roof over our head – until it leaks. If you’re at that stage, you want to know whether you need a whole new roof or whether repair is an option.

If you decide to have repair its worth asking for a quotation on a new roof as well, sometimes major overhauls on roofs can become rather expensive and with no guarantee on how long repairs actually last, for you might find that a new roof is more cost effective in the long run and this will only add value to your property

At Roofing Dynamics we would like to offer you our full range of roofing products each with their own unique warranties and information that can help you decide on the right covering for your property.

Our experienced and fully trained staffs have the knowledge and ability to tackle the most demanding projects.

We can provide all documentation regarding building control, method statements and risk assessments. Roofing Dynamics has £5 million public & employee liability that covers hot & cold works.

Roofing Dynamics have vetted teams of sub-contractors from scaffolding to asphalting & rubbish clearance.

We want this web site to express the great work that we carry each year and how all our clients are extremely satisfied with the work that has been completed, so please take some time to explore our site.

If you would like any further information on our services please click on contacts.

Roofing Industry Suppliers

New Roofs in Slate

Roofing In Natural Slate

Some of the most historic buildings in Great Britain have been roofed in natural slate, a product that is timeless, made from prehistoric clay compressed over millions of years (quite old); slates come in all different textures and colours from around the world.

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Roofing In Tiles (Concrete & Clay)

Roofing In Tiles

Choosing tiles for your property can be daunting with so many available, we can advise you and recommend a number of options, this can depend on what kind of property you have.

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Sheet Lead Work

Roofing Lead Work

Lead sheet is without question one of the greatest, greenest and most durable products we have. Our team of lead workers are fully qualified and can carry out the most demanding of tasks.

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Felt Systems

Felt Roof Repairs

There are many felt bitumen membranes systems available today whether it is eco, overlay or a 3 layer system all doing mostly the same thing, with reinforced fabrics such as nylon, polyester the life expectancy has improved a great deal

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Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing

Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Roofing Repairs

Liquid plastics avoids the use of heat or flames and instead uses specialist 'cold liquid' resins to impregnate a fleece−based substrate which then cures to provide a waterproof membrane. This makes it particularly suitable for the repair of roofs on schools, hospitals and other occupied buildings.

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Cedar Shingles Roof Tiles

Cedar Shingles Roof Tiles

Cedar shingles roof tiles have been used for hundreds of years and have proven their durability in all kinds of climates. They can be used to create individual buildings, whether traditional or modern, and their rich, warm colours and texture blend beautifully in any natural environment.

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